The Green CEO: Leadership that Drives Profit and Sustainability

Page 44

"Setting sail on someone else’s course won’t cut it; you have to create a unique journey that aligns with your company’s mission."

Page 50

"For many companies, sustainability is such an important core value that it takes the marquee position in their mission or vision for their business; for others, it drives value without the headline status. Yet to be sustainable, it’s critical to highlight “sustainability” as a core value. More than that, it’s necessary to embed sustainability into every function of your organization and throughout your business model."

Page 54

"Even when everything around you constantly changes, do you realize you can establish many foundational blocks for stakeholders to hang their hats on? Building each of these foundational blocks strengthens the stability—thus the sustainability—of your organization. When people can count on you and your company for what you stand for—to work in collaboration, fulfill your word, and strive for greater stewardship—it provides a sense of security for everyone involved."

Page 63

"Like physical muscles, the biceps of business must be stretched, flexed, strengthened, and relaxed so your organization can be more resilient when needed."

Page 65

"Once we are totally committed, we see the world as being fundamentally connected instead of fragmented happenings. The challenge becomes finding reasons to connect them."

Page 82

"Today organizations are asking the tough questions that affect the core of their identity. Here are just a few examples:
 • Interface, Inc.: How can carpet be manufactured without substances derived from fossil fuels?
 • Nike: How can we produce our athletic shoes more sustainably?
 • State of Hawaii 2050 sustainability plan: How can this state be sustainable in all walks of life and industry?
Today organizations are asking the tough questions that affect the core of their identity. Confronting questions like these is critical for these entities to survive in the long term—and the answers to such questions can provide the guiding star for your business."

Page 91

"Your greatest successes can come from learning from your mistakes. If you subscribe to this idea, then there is no failure. If there is no failure, then there can be no fear of failure, thus dissolving the biggest resistance to change. Acknowledge and celebrate this learning."

Page 114

"Take Steve Jobs’s advice from this chapter’s beginning quotation and just say “no” to many attractive paths you could take. You want to stay on track and avoid overextending your resources. The strategic tiers you identify will sustainably bridge the gap from where your business is now to where you want it to be."

Page 200

"Transparent company reporting enables leaders to identify opportunities for flow of capital to improve growth and value at a reduced risk. But how deep within the company should it be extended? And how does it affect privately held companies?"

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