The Green CEO: Leadership that Drives Profit and Sustainability

Systainership™,  is an innovative program for sustainable leadership, which can help you regain control and lead your business forward in a sustainable way. It has three major components to support business leaders striving to grow triple-based profitability. These components are:
  • the foundational structure and practices of Systainership™ which are explained in The Green CEO: Leadership that Drives Profit and Sustainability,
  • the Systainership™ Officer's Club - where you can participate in a mastermind group of like-minded business executives to leverage expertise. These virtual group meetings are facilitated, using the Systainership™ Log - which helps you define, track and monitor your business's sustainable bottom lines,  and
  • Systainership™ Fast-Track Executive Coaching - to help you accelerate your sustainability leadership development to get your company to its tipping point sooner.

Systainership™ integrates the wisdom of the ages, philosophies of leadership gurus, and principles of sustainability into a cohesive system. The additional components of the program are tools to help you more easily execute this innovative leadership system to achieve your triple-based profitability. To learn more about the program, you may read the complete description of Systainership™ and its benefits.

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