The Green CEO: Leadership that Drives Profit and Sustainability

"Leadership and culture determine whether corporate responsibility is a profitable innovation or a cost center. The Green CEO breaks down what it takes to lead a successful, sustainability-driven company and provides practical tools for creating a resilient and dynamic corporate culture."

– Mikhail Davis, Manager of Strategic Sustainability, InterfaceFLOR

"To create a sustainable economy, we'll need not just better companies, but better leaders. "The Green CEO"
provides a roadmap to sustainability leadership. This informative and inspirational journey should be of interest to leaders--and emerging leaders--in organizations of all sizes and sectors."

– Joel Makower, Executive Editor,, and author, "Strategies for the Green Economy"

"VanLeeuwen shows CEO's how to create an organization that not only delivers bottom line results but also respects stakeholders and the environment. The chapter on organizational focus for sustainability alone is worth the price of the book."

– Mike Dalton, Managing Director, Guided Innovation Group, LLC

"In this insightful book, Lynn demonstrates that the path to sustainability is the same path we all need to take to create innovative, conscious and enduring businesses."

- Chris Mann, CEO, Guayaki Yerba Mate

“What are the bottom line concerns of companies wishing to remain profitable in this next century? Corporate culture, business identity, and transparency. Not what you thought? Then read this book.” 

-  Jeff Mendelsohn, Founder & Chair, New Leaf Paper

"Sustainability is not just about green business practices, but also bottom‐line changes to the culture and conduct of your business. This system helps you create long‐term viability and profitability, better products and services, and a great place to work."
-  Phil Nail, CTO,

"This book is clear, concise and full of life. Is it on the right track? Heavens YES. It is a great book.

– Patricia Aburdene, Co-author of the number one, New York Times bestseller Megatrends 2000

“This is the ultimate book on building a sustainable business in an increasingly green economy. It is loaded with practical ideas you can apply immediately!”

– Brian Tracy, 
Chairman, Brian Tracy International, Author of many books including: How the Best Leaders Lead, Full Engagement, and Speak to Win

"Congratulations to Lynn VanLeeuwen for releasing her years of knowledge through The Green CEO and teaching the business community to embrace sustainability and the triple-bottom line. I'm so grateful we are partnering with Lynn and thank her for inspiring me to fulfill my dreams "

-  Trace Wendell, Dharma Merchant Services

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