The Green CEO: Leadership that Drives Profit and Sustainability

Leaders who strive to integrate green practices and community support

with running a profitable organization need this book


The Green CEO: Leadership that Drives Profit and Sustainability

by Lynn VanLeeuwen,
 Creator of Systainership™


Are you a business leader who wants a profitable future for your organization, but feel daunted by the task of integrating practices of environmental stewardship and community support? The Green CEO  reveals how to deal with both the natural and business challenges—and opportunities—in ways that bring lasting value.

W. Edwards Deming, a statistician and business consulting guru who helped turn around the quality of Japanese manufacturing after WWII, advocated having a repeatable system to follow. The Green CEO  provides such a system called Systainership™ for adopting profit-making practices while growing “green.” Systainership™, which is a system for sustainability leadership, guides you through setting up the foundation to executing the leadership strategies that sustain small- to medium-sized corporations on many levels.

Using The Green CEO as a guide, leaders will:


·        Differentiate different types and levels of sustainability to set a strategy for their company

·        Incorporate key leadership practices for building a sustainable business with focus and accountability

·        Establish a culture that supports change, promotes flexibility and motivates employees to achieve the organization’s profit and stewardship objectives

·        Build operational momentum and translate performance into effective communication that builds loyal relationships

As a result, leaders have an ongoing way to conscientiously prosper in this fluid world. Their expertise provides the makings for sustainable success; VanLeeuwen supplies the framework.
Structure of The Green CEO

Each chapter opens with an inspiring quotation and a relevant story. The meat of each chapter embeds sustainability principles and structure into an integrated system of core leadership practices.  Each is concluded  with two or three leadership questions. Answering them helps you apply that particular aspect of the Systainership™ system into your organization. It’s having an armchair coach constantly at your side!

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